Hi, I'm Jeyaram!

Welcome to my website. I'm in the process of designing this site and porting the content from www.jeyaramj.com.

I’m a programmer, photographer, designer & wannabe writer from Sri Lanka. In this site, you could find about me, photographs I shot, videos I like/shot, blog posts on the things matter to me, portfolio, my favorite quotes and my favorite links. Hoping you will find my webstite interesting and useful.

This site is managed by Google CMS, so easier to edit and change the site quickly. Therefore, trying out the features on go.jeyaramj.com and keeping my C#.NET site on the parent domain jeyaramj.com.

In the near future, I'm going to convert my views into REST services to pull the data from and use Google "Start" script to view the data in this site. Probably you would be thinking, who cares - these sites I built are for me to learn, trying out the technologies and have a bit of fun which I can't do at office. So, I'm sorry to have wasted your time, if you have randomly stumbled upon my site.